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Customized Workplace Consulting Solutions

At E2E, we know that thriving businesses are built on thriving people. Our tailored solutions enhance your people programs and practices, driving organizational success. Collaborate with us for strategic partnerships, empower your HR teams, and address specific challenges through targeted training and consulting. With a unique blend of NeuroPerformance and technology expertise, we amplify your team's capacity to excel. Join us to empower your organization and foster a culture of growth and success.

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Expert Coaching & Performance Partnership

Elevate your capabilities with our expert coaching and performance partnerships. Rewire your neural pathways (mindset) through neuroscience-based coaching, achieve personal and professional growth with performance coaching, and harness your strengths for exceptional outcomes with Gallup Strengths Based coaching. Whether an individual on their journey or an executive leader navigating complexities, our diverse programs cater to various needs, fostering growth and guiding sustainable success. Choose us for a dedicated team of experienced coaches who'll walk alongside you on your transformative performance journey.

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Transformational NeuroPerformance Programs

Experience a world of growth, empowerment, and peak performance with Evolving to Exceptional. Our dedicated mission is to unlock your full potential through comprehensive programs designed for individuals and leaders on unique journeys. Master neuroscience-based peak performance, guide transformation as a partner, cultivate leadership skills, discover self-awareness, and choose expertise-led programs rooted in innovation, application, and community support. Discover your path to transformation and success with us.

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Discover Transformational Online Learning & Courses

Elevate your growth journey through Evolving to Exceptional's virtual courses. Translating Jessica's time-tested workplace training into accessible online resources, our courses cater to individuals across various roles. Immerse yourself in topics spanning exceptional work and life experiences, self-awareness, peak performance, clarity in expectations, feedback, development, and accountability. With our masterclasses delving deep into the neuroscience of human performance, you'll unlock insights to drive personal and professional growth. Choose us for flexible learning, backed by years of experience, and embark on your transformative path today.

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Explore Jessica Tietjen's Transformational Books & Workbooks

Dive into a world of growth with Jessica Tietjen's compelling collection of books and workbooks. As an accomplished author, Jessica crafts resources designed to inspire personal and professional transformation. Limited physical copies are available, allowing you to hold in your hands the wisdom and insights that can drive positive change in your life. Choose Jessica's works to embark on a journey of empowerment, guided by her expertise and impactful content.

Note: Physical copies are limited, so seize the opportunity to secure yours today.

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Speaking Engagements 

Jessica is a captivating speaker who thrives on engaging with audiences and groups sharing a passion for talent enablement, performance, strengths, and accountability. With a remarkable ability to keep listeners intrigued, she brings a dynamic and interactive approach to her presentations. Whether it's sharing insights on boosting performance or fostering accountability, Jessica's speaking engagements leave a lasting impact, inspiring meaningful conversations and driving positive change.

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Ready to Ignite Your Transformation?

Empower yourself or your team with the tools, insights, and strategies needed for lasting growth. Join us at Evolving to Exceptional and embark on a journey that leads to excellence, empowerment, and a brighter future.

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Transformative Training & Events: Elevate Your Learning Experience

Welcome to our dynamic world of transformative training and events designed to empower individuals and organizations to reach their full potential. We offer a range of live training sessions that provide invaluable insights, skills, and strategies for personal and professional growth. Whether you're an individual looking to enhance your capabilities or an organization seeking to boost team performance, our transformative training programs are tailored to meet your needs.

Types of Live Training:

  1. Scheduled Workshops: Join our scheduled workshops held periodically throughout the year. These events are open to all and provide a unique opportunity to learn from experts in a diverse range of fields.
  2. Customized In-House Training: For organizations with larger groups, we offer the flexibility to bring our transformative training directly to your workplace. Tailor the content, choose the dates, and create a powerful learning experience that aligns with your goals.

Why Choose Our Training:

  • Expert Facilitators: Our training sessions are led by experienced facilitators who bring a wealth of knowledge and practical expertise to the table.
  • Interactive Learning: Engage in interactive exercises, group discussions, and hands-on activities that enhance your understanding and application of the concepts.
  • Holistic Neuroscience-Based Approach: We believe in holistic growth, focusing not only on skill (horizontal) development but also on expanding capacity (vertical development by fostering greater self-awareness.
  • Flexible Options: Whether you prefer to attend scheduled workshops or arrange personalized in-house training, we offer flexible options to suit your preferences.

Unlock Your Potential:

Transformative learning is at the core of our approach. Explore the various topics we cover, from leadership and communication to well-being and personal effectiveness. Discover new insights, connect with like-minded individuals, and equip yourself or your team with tools that create lasting positive change.

Ready to Transform?

Explore our upcoming training events or contact us to discuss tailored in-house options for your organization. Elevate your learning journey and embrace transformation today.

Evolve Your Workplace with Our Customized Consulting Solutions 

At E2E, we understand that businesses thrive when their people thrive. That's why we offer a diverse range of tailored solutions designed to enhance your people programs and practices to drive your organization's success.

Our Offerings:

🌐 Strategic Partnership: We're more than consultants – we're partners dedicated to your success. Collaborate closely with us to receive significant strategic support that aligns with your organization's unique goals and needs.

🤝 HR Team Support & Coaching: Empower your HR teams with our specialized support and coaching. Our expertise complements their efforts, guiding them toward practices that foster growth, collaboration, and enhanced employee performance.

📚 Targeted Training & Consulting: Address specific workplace challenges with our individualized training and consulting services. Whether it's honing leadership skills, improving communication, or optimizing team dynamics, we provide actionable solutions.

Why Choose Us:

We don't just offer solutions – we bring a unique blend of workplace NeuroPerformance and technology expertise. By infusing the neuroscience of human performance into your workplace practices, we amplify your team's capacity to excel and thrive.

Ready to Transform Your Workplace?

Empower your organization to reach new heights with E2E. As a dedicated partner, we'll work hand in hand with you to enhance your people programs, foster a culture of growth, and drive lasting success. 

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🚀 Elevate Your Potential with Our Transformational Programs 🚀

Welcome to a world of growth, empowerment, and peak performance! At Evolving to Exceptional, we're dedicated to helping individuals and leaders realize their full potential through a range of comprehensive programs tailored to your unique journey.

🧠 Peak NeuroPerformance Certification Program:
Unleash the power of neuroscience-based peak performance in a six-month journey. Master the fundamentals that drive excellence in any field, gaining insights and techniques to propel your personal and professional success.

🔗 Peak NeuroPerformance Partner Certification:
For managers, leaders, HR professionals, coaches, and consultants, our six-month Partner Certification goes beyond mastery. Dive into over 17 masterclasses, equipping you to guide others on their peak performance journey. Become a catalyst for transformation and growth.

🌟 Evolving Future Leaders to Peak NeuroPerformance Program:
Designed for those aspiring to be at the forefront of transformation, this program supports leaders through both Peak NeuroPerformance Certifications. Develop your leadership skills, amplify your impact, and drive positive change within your organization.

🌿 Evolving You Embodied Self-Awareness Program:
Embark on a three-month journey of self-discovery with our Embodied Self-Awareness Program. Whether individually or as part of a dynamic group mastermind, learn the fundamentals of self-awareness and unlock a deeper connection to yourself and your potential.

Why Choose Us:
Our offerings are rooted in cutting-edge methodologies, curated to empower you at every step. Led by experts in their fields, our programs combine knowledge, practical application, and a supportive community to guide you toward transformation and success.

Unlock Your Full Potential with Our Expert Coaching & Performance Partnering Support

Welcome to a transformative journey where your success and growth are our top priorities. At E2E, we offer a unique blend of tailored coaching and partnership services designed to propel you towards excellence. We strive to partner with you supporting you on your performance journey until you've developed the capabilities and capacity you need to operate at your peak performance!

Our Approach: 

🧠 Neuroscience-Based Coaching: Harness the power of science-backed techniques to rewire your mindset, boost cognitive performance, and unlock your full potential.

🚀 Performance Coaching: Experience remarkable personal and professional growth as we guide you through strategic goal-setting, skill enhancement, and overcoming challenges.

🔝 Gallup Strengths Based Coaching: Leverage your innate strengths to drive your success. Uncover your unique talents and harness them to achieve exceptional outcomes.

Who We Serve:

From individuals striving to carve their path to executive leaders navigating complex challenges, our programs cater to diverse needs. We're here to support you at every step of your journey, fostering growth, and guiding you towards sustainable success.

Why Choose Us:

Our team of experienced coaches is dedicated to your transformation. By blending proven methodologies, we create a customized approach that suits your specific goals, propelling you towards meaningful and lasting change. We are your performance partner walking alongside you on your performance journey!

🎓 Unlock Growth with Online Courses 🎓

Step into a world of transformative learning with Evolving to Exceptional's virtual courses. Drawing on years of workplace experience, Jessica has seamlessly translated her proven training methods into accessible online resources for individuals in diverse roles across workplaces, homes, and communities.

Our Course Offerings:

Explore a diverse array of topics designed to empower you in both work and life. From crafting exceptional experiences to delving into the realm of self-awareness, our courses encompass a spectrum of learning. Unleash your potential through the Peak Performance Overview, cultivate clarity with Setting Clear Expectations, and gain mastery in Feedback, Development, and Accountability. Elevate your understanding with our host of masterclasses, each delving deeper into the neuroscience of human performance.

Why Choose Our Courses:

With Evolving to Exceptional, you're not just enrolling in courses – you're accessing a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and practical strategies to ignite your personal and professional growth. Our online platform provides the flexibility to learn at your own pace while benefiting from Jessica's years of hands-on experience. Each course is accompanied by a beautiful workbook with tons of exercises, self-reflection, and resources to ensure you translate your learning into lasting performance & results!

Ready to Elevate Your Learning Journey?

Empower yourself with skills that transcend boundaries. Join us to explore a world of exceptional possibilities through our virtual courses. Your journey towards transformative growth starts here.

Explore Transformative Books & Workbooks by Jessica Tietjen

Welcome to a world of knowledge and growth curated by Jessica Tietjen, a prolific author and creator of impactful books and workbooks. If you're seeking tangible resources to enhance your personal and professional journey, you're in the right place.

Our Offerings: Discover a collection of thoughtfully crafted books and workbooks designed to inspire, empower, and guide you towards personal transformation and success. Jessica's expertise spans various topics, ensuring that there's a resource tailored to your needs.

Limited Physical Copies Available: For those who cherish the sensation of turning pages, we offer a limited number of physical copies of Jessica's works. Immerse yourself in the wisdom and insights that these resources hold and experience the journey of growth and self-discovery they offer.

Why Choose Jessica Tietjen's Resources: With a reputation for creating impactful content, Jessica's books and workbooks are a treasure trove of knowledge and practical guidance. Each resource is thoughtfully crafted to provide you with actionable insights that you can apply in your life and work.

Ready to Transform Through Literature?

Embark on a journey of growth, empowerment, and transformation with Jessica Tietjen's collection of books and workbooks. Secure your limited physical copy today and begin your exploration of these transformative resources. 


The Exceptional Life R-Evolution 

Who doesn’t want to live an exceptional life? I know I want to be like my 90-year-old grandma who told me, with a smile and tears in her eyes, “I truly feel I lived an exceptional life.” My life’s purpose is to help people live their best life— an exceptional life—and this book is meant to help more people! This book is a practical guide to creating exceptional work and life experiences so you can one day echo my grandma’s words.

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Fiercely Cherished Beings

Fiercely Cherished Beings is the deeply personal and sacred story of Jessica’s awakening to her being, learning to love her being, and becoming a fiercely cherished being. Through her journey she describes receiving divinely guided insights that were provided to assist her along this difficult path. The insights then unearthed the stories that were required for her awareness and healing in order for the transformational growth to occur. Finally, the stories coupled with the insights created lessons she learned as these experiences and the awareness of their importance unfolded in the most beautiful and perfect ways. Jessica writes through poetry, learning, and storytelling which makes the book feel more like a conversation or piece of art than traditional non-fiction books.

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Good Choice Bad Choice

A children's book about the choices we make and how they don't make us good or bad, that anyone can make bad choices, and they should never be kept secret. Lots of lessons and tons of value in a sweet story of a mother with her children.

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Collaboration with the Divine

The collective stories of women who work with the divine and their experiences. Jessica is a contributing author in this collaboration book.

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