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At Evolving to Exceptional we know first hand the challenges that come with building a strong talent strategy with programs that create bottom line business results. We've done the hard work so that you can quickly and effectively implement the programs you need to attract, retain, and engage talent in your workplace.

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The Problems we Solve

At Evolving to Exceptional we refuse to sell programs, courses, and training just for the sake of checking a box. Instead, all of our offerings are built to solve the problems you are currently facing. 

Business Results & Outcomes

If your business results aren't what you want them to be it is most likely due to productivity, engagement, and performance. For any workplace that depends heavily on their people (like services companies) this means optimizing the performance of your people. Traditional approaches to performance actually negatively impact results. Instead, businesses need performance strategies based on the latest research and technology.

Performance & Burnout

Applying a strategy of "do more with less" with respect to employee performance is creating extremely high stress levels and the current burnout epidemic. In response, engagement has decreased, loneliness has increased, and quiet quitting started. Wellbeing in the Workplace has become a huge factor in getting the business results you need to achieve. 

Adapting to New Technology

(Accelerated Digital Transformation)

Technology is predicted to change more in the next 10 years than the last 50. Employees who are ill-equipped for this change, unable to adapt and grow quickly, and struggle to learn new things are a major limitation to business growth. Employees performance management requires an agile, adaptable, integrated, and personally accountable approach.

Attraction, Retention & Turnover

The War for Talent

The great resignation, quiet quitting, and ongoing war for talent is still significantly impacting most businesses. Employee turnover has a huge hidden cost - both in replacement and interim coverage. Businesses with a poor employee experience or outdated workplace practices are going to struggle with attracting and retaining talent. 


What we've achieved

At Evolving to Exceptional we refuse to sell programs, courses, and training just for the sake of checking a box. Instead, all of our offerings are built to provide your workplace with impactful results and outcomes. We have experience working closely with Gallup including winning the Gallup Global Exceptional Workplace Award. As a result, we can say with confidence the results below are not only possible but achievable with our solutions. 


In just two years, we've seen increases in revenue of 20% and GP of 13%. According to Gallup, businesses with high employee engagement are 23% more profitable. 


In just two years, we've seen Sales increases of 7 to 10%. According to Gallup businesses with high employee engagement are


In just two years, we experienced an increase of employee productivity from 20% to 28%. According to Gallup, businesses with high employee engagement are 18% more productive.


In just two years, we saw total company turnover decrease by 19%. According to Gallup businesses with high employee engagement see 43% less turnover in low turnover organizations or 18% in high turnover organization.

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What we do for Workplaces

We've provided a summary of our primary offerings to Workplaces. Listing everything would be virtually impossible, if you don't see what you need contact us for a consultation.

Business & Talent Strategy

Evaluation & Action Planning

Often the key to knowing where you want to go is knowing where you are starting from. Jessica will conduct a comprehensive current state assessment of your business, identify clear recommendations, and provide both short and long-term plans to sustain these solutions.  We will collaborate to create a customized plan that incorporates your vision, values and business strategy.

Human Resources & Talent Management Consulting 

We offer practical talent and learning solutions that will drive the greatest outcomes for both your business goals and your employee's performance and engagement. We can create a customized solution or use one of our many pre-developed programs. We will then provide a full solution with design, development, delivery, communication, and sustainment. 

Evolving Workplace Programs

(On-Demand VP of HR or Chief People Officer)

We know many small to mid-size businesses don't have the finances to support an executive people leader. For many HR leaders in these businesses they have small teams and lack the coaching and support of an experienced professional. We become your part-time executive support bringing our strong experience and people strategy, coaching and support for your in-house HR resources, and pre-developed programs, apps, and tools you can use immediately. Our goal is to get you the programs and training you need, then coach your people to be able to sustain it without needing our long-term support.

High Potential & Leadership Coaching

We have significant experience and established content focused on developing great managers and leaders. Using our neuroscience-based approach to coaching we are able to provide the strategic space for your leaders to grow and develop the skills necessary to be successful at leading others. We partner with your key talent for six to twelve months, set tangible goals, and work together to surpass those goals. Leadership coaching is a powerful investment for the future of your business.

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