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Neuroscience of Self-Awareness

We offer a series of free giveaways to support and get you started on your journey:  

  • Take our Evolving You Self-Awareness Self-Assessment to discover your current level of self-awareness both internally and externally. 
  • Use our 3 Strategies of Mindfulness Downloadable with activities you can start doing right away to begin increasing your self-awareness and coherence!  
  • Watch our Free Webinar on Expanding Human Capacity by Achieving Peak Performance with Neuroscience Based Strategies
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Basics of Burnout

Download this free guide to understand and address burnout

  • Stress vs. burnout
  • How to identify burnout
  • What to do about burnout
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4 Keys to Peak Performance 

Down load this workbook on the 4 Keys to unlock your peak performance in any role.

  • Tools & Reflection Questions
  • Put your insights into action
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Discover your Being

Download this workbook to discover the answer to the question "Who am I?"

  • Our Talents
  • Our Passions - values, interests, & motivations
  • Our Capabilities - Knowledge, Skills, & Competencies
  • Our Performance Mindset - Our Beliefs, Environment, & Experience
  • Our Being
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Reading Guide

Reading with a group always creates more reflection and growth!

  • Topics and Questions for every section of the book
  • Read with your small group or book club
  • Reflection is what creates results

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Talent Enablement Framework

Check out this model for how to enable the talent in your business and create a comprehensive program.

  • Learn about each element
  • Discover how to join our exceptional workplace program
  • Sign up to see if you might be a good partner!

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