Evolving Workplaces: Be an exceptional performer at life, not just at work!

evolving workplaces Jul 21, 2022

New Capabilities Needed to Navigate Challenges

Reflecting on the last few years and the challenges we have experienced as a society; we have been through a lot. Right now, people everywhere are facing tremendous challenges including safety of children in our schools; increasing rates of depression, drug abuse, and suicide; wars and pandemics; financial and economic challenges. These are massive challenges in the world that one on top of another even when small begin to have a very big impact on our lives.

Our vision at Evolving to Exceptional (E2E) is to help people evolve to peak performance to live exceptional lives filled with exceptional experiences along their journey in their workplaces, homes, and communities.

People are always going to encounter challenges in their lives, but many are not fully equipped with the capabilities to navigate these challenges and our lives both at work and home more effectively. What often prevents us from navigating challenges more effectively is not having the skills, knowledge, or capabilities necessary to know how to do so.

Re-Thinking Peak Performance

At E2E we decided to rethink how we can make a difference in today's world. Our focus has been workplace performance and creating exceptional workplaces because struggling at work will prevent people from having exceptional lives.

BUT the opposite is also true - if people are struggling at home, they will not be able to perform exceptionally in the workplace.

WHICH MEANS - to truly reach peak performance we must address both - our lives at work and at home. We then thought about how can we use what workplaces need to do anyway AND have a positive impact on people's lives overall?

Why are people not equipped with these capabilities already? 

Many of the skillsets that are most critical to our success in life and at work are not taught in the traditional classroom. In fact, in many instances these skills are not acquired until an individual reaches a leadership development or high potential program. Which means they aren't offered or given to the vast majority of people in the workforce.

The majority of people do not get training on the key performance skills and capabilities that could benefit everyone's performance. What a lost opportunity this creates.

Furthermore, even when you receive the training, it is usually only applied to your role at work or uses examples from the workplace. Which means it leaves out more than half of your life, the roles you perform outside the workplace both at home and within your family.

There are also programs available to address relationships, marriage, parenting, and family life - but these are separate and distinct from those of the workplace. They can also be expensive and unobtainable by for many individuals unless they're offered through an employer.

Why should businesses care about these issues/challenges? 

If we adopt our business as beings' model in our workplaces, then we treat each part of the being as important and want to equip it with the proper capabilities to ensure the health of the whole being.

When people face challenges - in their families, communities, and the world - this almost always has a negative impact on their performance. While EAP programs do exist, they are very seldom used by employees - meaning they aren't working as well as we had hoped. If instead, we help equip employees with the capabilities to limit and mitigate the crises in their life this will reduce their occurrence and impact on the person and subsequently their work!

Workplaces already generally know they must invest in employee performance to improve the results of their business in the new world of work.

What if by investing in employee performance, workplaces could also impact the employee's performance in their life outside of work?

By helping to equip employees with the capabilities to limit and mitigate the crises and challenges they face this will reduce their occurrence and impact on the person, and ultimately, on their work as well. You know the age old saying…. two birds, one stone!

How does the family/life/home piece get incorporated? 

Workplaces can provide training to ALL employees that equip them with key capabilities they are missing. For example, training on the 4 Keys to Unlocking Peak Performance provides training on topics like mindset, vulnerability, emotional intelligence, communication, and self-awareness. By using scientifically validated methods for improving performance and neurologically based coaching and development practices, it will equip all employees with the skills they need to do have exceptional lives both at work and outside of it.

As a result, ALL employees receive training on critical performance and life skills that will not only improve their performance at work but also help them live a better life and raise children who unlike their parents, will have these skills and knowledge. Imagine what the impact could be if we trained entry level positions, many who are starting relationships and families, on topics like empathy, emotion, accountability and expectations. This has the power to potentially change how they live their life and raise their children!

What is E2E doing to support this approach? 

We know there are tons of training programs out there to help improve employee engagement, performance, and skills. Most of these trainings target individual competencies to help people grow with each one costing potentially thousands of dollars and effective or not very much and ineffective. 

E2E offers trainings that address skills that can be used both at home and at work. We strive to teach people how to gain this experience or skillset in both areas of their lives. For this reason, our offerings include how to apply key performance practices to our roles at home and exercises, strategies, and techniques for both the workplaces and families. Our Peak Performance Certification (coming this fall!) will also incorporate techniques related to both contexts. Additionally, we also provide coaching that applies to all areas of a person's life because we are focused on individuals achieving exceptional performance at life, not just at work!

We are hard at work on our peak performance certification and plan to release it in this fall. However, if you want to be part of our early access group - sign up today to get started!

For a full list of our offerings, check out the E2E store here.

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