The Missing Link - (mBIT) Multiple Brain Integration Techniques

Apr 13, 2023

Coming off six straight days of training to become certified as an mBIT Trainer, I returned home to my three-year-old sick with a fever and my son having an asthma attack at school. As I held my daughter in my arms feeling the tremendous heat of her skin, I had a lot of time to reflect on the transformative experience I had just been through during this training.

I quite literally have not been in such a rigorous and thorough training since my law school days. At the same time, the experience of learning and using this material is probably the most valuable experience I’ve ever had. I recognize the significance of that statement and its absolutely true!

The Challenge

As I built my business over the last couple years, putting my programs together to commercialize them, I kept experiencing this feeling that I was missing something. The programs I’d built while working at Experitec were tremendously successful – they won awards, the company was recognized multiple times locally and globally and probably most importantly, profitability, productivity, and engagement went up consistently.

However, despite all that success and implementing the practices myself, I still experienced burnout. What was I missing? What didn’t I do or understand that led to this experience?

Throughout this same time period, I’ve had a really rough couple of years with my health. On the outside, people see that I’ve been able to write three books, contribute to two more books, be a keynote speaker, create tons of courses, launch a podcast, write articles, and work with some amazing customers. While this is what you see externally, behind the scenes, I’ve been fighting a battle trying to put out the fires still burning from my burnout.

As a result of all my stress and ultimately my burnout, I developed multiple autoimmune conditions. My immune system is highly compromised making it incredibly easy for me to get sick. Combine my immune system, with twin 3-year-olds and a 6-year-old, and one of the worst cold and flu seasons in history, and you get my experience this year. I had no choice but to try to find a new and better way to work and produce results.

I realized pretty quickly my old strategies of working harder and longer, running on adrenaline, and pushing through the stress would no longer help me to be successful. Instead, I needed to find a new way, a better way that would allow me to produce the same or more but with less stress, time, and energy. I began a journey to discover this better way.

My Journey to the Answer

I began getting certifications, exploring technologies, and reading everything I could find looking for the solution. Then, a friend invited me to a random coach certification training program telling me it was about a neuroscience-based coaching approach. Without even researching it, I agreed to go, and I had no idea how much one little training would forever transform my life and my family’s lives.

I never would have imagined such an amazing approach to decision-making, performance, relationships, and more existed. Even more importantly, I never would have believed how powerful this approach could be at creating the best outcomes for me, specifically.

After getting trained, I learned that this approach wasn’t yet being trained significantly in this country. It began in Australia and over 3,000 people have been trained in countries around the world, while only a few in North America are trained.

I was so impacted by its effectiveness; I immediately wanted my whole family to experience it and held another training course that included my parents. I watched them both be transformed by this approach and also recognize the tremendous value it could bring to so many people.

I became committed to holding a train the trainer’s event here in the United States to train more people to be able to do these trainings (including myself). Which brings me to this past week’s training which certified the first group of mBIT Trainers in North America!

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On one evening of the training, a group of eight individuals passionately discussed how we could share this with more people and spread it across the country. How could we get this highly researched neuroscience-based approach called mBIT (multiple Brain Integration Techniques) out into our workplaces, families, and communities?

We recognized it all starts with awareness – with learning of its existence and the value it can bring to your life, family, and workplace. It’s not just another training or certification, it is quite literally the key to making wise decisions and living a better life (an exceptional life).

When I wrote my first book and started my business Evolving to Exceptional, this was my primary passion; to help more people live exceptional lives by helping workplaces create exceptional experiences. The mBIT approach is quite literally the key to unlocking peak performance, creating better relationships, making better decisions, and living better lives.

Why am I sharing this?

As I did research on the current challenges people are facing (particularly in the workplace although it applies in other places as well), I found that most people are struggling to varying degrees of severity. Despite all the training, therapy, and coaches available, many people consistently find themselves unable to change their behaviors in ways that create different outcomes or results.

  • Leaders & Managers fail to set expectations consistently, provide valuable feedback and development, and support employee engagement.
  • Individuals struggle with substance abuse, addiction (of all kinds), and mental health.  
  • Families struggle to have effective, healthy, and productive relationships with each other.
  • Workplaces struggle with productivity, engagement, retention, well-being and quiet quitting.
  • People everywhere struggle to change their behaviors to create the results they want in their lives.

What if you could address all these issues by applying a simple process and set of techniques to your life, workplace, family, and community? Wouldn’t you want to explore that possibility? Especially when so many people worldwide can speak to its effectiveness and usefulness!

What makes mBIT so different?

mBIT is quite literally the “missing bit,” the piece I was looking for to optimize my performance, reduce stress, and prevent burnout.

mBIT is multiple brain integration techniques which encompasses a process and set of techniques that help people re-wire the neuropathways of their three brains.

Did you know you have at least three brains?

Neither did I!

But we do, and we know this because scientists have found neurons in our hearts and guts (as well as our heads). You’ve likely heard reference to the head and heart connection or the gut-brain connection. But did you know by aligning all three of your intelligences, you can truly make lasting change?

mBIT addresses your growth at a physiological level. Using highly researched techniques, it allows you to grow (change your past behaviors) at the level where it is rooted in your physiology.

Think of the experiences you’ve had in your life up to now – they’ve all created neuropathways in your brains. The more you reinforce a pathway (repeat it), the easier it is to take that pathway. Anytime you respond to a situation, challenge, or issue, you are most likely to take that neuropathway (no matter how much willpower you try to exert).  mBIT helps to balance your nervous system and change your neuropathways for long-lasting change.

I’ve been using this approach on myself regularly and its use has allowed me to continue producing at high levels despite my limitations and challenges.

I can quite literally work less and produce more.

I can enjoy life more and still be highly effective and productive.

Actions I’ve struggled to take for years, I’ve been able to finally take.

I’ve even used it with my children and seen a tremendous difference in their emotional awareness and ability to make good decisions.

I see my parents using it daily in their lives to help them with their decisions and lives.

Interested in Learning More?

I can’t say enough great things about this approach, training, and programs.

Are you a leader or manager (especially those in HR)?

I’ve integrated these techniques into my new Evolving Future Leaders to Peak Performance Program. As a result, this new program will be able to transform leadership effectiveness and productivity unlike any other program available.

Instead of just learning more of the same practices and never truly taking action or integrating the learnings, why not give this approach a try? If you are interested, I am offering a limited group of people the opportunity to join a pilot program for three months to experience its benefits. The pilot program is being offered at a "pay what you can" rate in exchange for feedback on the program. If you are interested send me a message and I'll set a time to discuss this amazing opportunity and see if you might be a good fit.

Want to experience the full training?

Are you a coach, manager, or leader who would like to learn how to do this with the people you coach or lead? You can learn more on the mBraining North America website to check out dates for these live trainings. There is one coming up in June in the beautiful Napa Valley! If you are in St. Louis, I’ll be holding them in the area soon – send me a message and we’ll get you the next dates!

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