The Death of Corporate

Apr 19, 2022

Is the "corporate" workplace of the past dying? Or has it already died while many choose to pretend it still exists?

In either case, the working world of the past is fast coming to an end which can be viewed as either a challenge or opportunity. Those who might view it as a challenge will undoubtedly see the change as an inconvenient hurdle that is making the execution of business and work more difficult. All the many articles written on the "Great Resignation" "Great Re-Set" "Great Re-Shuffle" or whatever you want to call what has been happening in the last nine months certainly paint a picture of doom and gloom for the corporate workplace.

The old corporate workplace culture that involved working long hours at the office, sacrificing family and enjoyment to progress in your career, climbing long ladders with endless rungs to the top, and cultures of competition are dying. People no longer want to spend their lives working endlessly and constantly exhausted, frustrated, and overwhelmed to finally retire (maybe?) and finally enjoy life! Instead, most of us want to find a way to enjoy our lives while we are experiencing them. And since work is an essential element to our lives, we must find a way to allow our work to enhance our life journey rather than dominate it!

An Opportunity to Transform Workplaces

But what if the shift that is taking place is truly an opportunity to transform workplaces into something they've never been before. Into something beneficial that not only benefits those it serves but also those who work within it as well as the community and world where it exists.

What if this opportunity could provide the shift needed to transform not just workplaces but our lives? What if we could stop working to live or living to work? What if we could live in a way that has never been done before?

I hope I have peaked at least your curiosity at such a concept. I believe the corporate workplaces of the past are gone or will be very soon. The time has come where workplaces can choose and are choosing how they will exist in the future. Which means we are right in the midst of a workplace revolution and of choices that will shape workplaces and lives for many years to come. Of shifts in thinking and living that can either create better lives or continue to promote past practices that lead to exhaustion, frustration, and an unfulfilling life.

Whether it is the newest generation's fresh perspectives as they enter the workforce, the lasting consequences of a global pandemic, a changing economy, or an awakening withing the human population that is evolving how we exist, the shift is undoubtedly occurring.

Who will be at the forefront of this change?

Who will be responsible for navigating the complexities of a workplace that is expected to be more, do more, and become something totally different than in the past? Who will lead the charge in transforming the corporate workplaces of the past into the modern experiences of the future? Who is already not only aware of this shift but actively concerned and trying to navigate the challenges right now?

The roles that perform this function and hold this responsibility are called by many names. Human Resources. HR. Talent Management. Talent Development. Chief People Officer. Culture Leader. Talent Leader. And endless titles centering around the management of people. These roles are already neck deep in the challenges that come with a workplace revolution - difficulty finding and hiring talent, challenges retaining talent, cultural issues including inclusion, diversity, respect, performance management and employee motivation and engagement.

All the areas of people and performance are being stressed and challenged by the shifts taking place. Never before has there been so much to consider, talk about, challenge, and innovate with respect to the people side of the business. For years, businesses have focused on process, optimization, and technology - but none of that works without the people! 

What these people and their businesses need to do?

As with any major change or opportunity we must

  • spend time understanding the problems,
  • discussing possible solutions,
  • innovating and introducing new ideas,
  • sharing these ideas,
  • piloting and testing them,
  • and then discovering what is working!

The fastest way to transform is together - to understand experiences, share insights and observations, and quickly pivot to capitalize on those insights!

Is your business trying to tackle these challenges alone? Do you have the right resources to make the most of this opportunity and ensure you come out a better business and workplace that before? Are you in a role that is navigating these challenges and trying to figure out what to do? Are you passionate about people, performance, and creating exceptional workplaces?

If so, I am opening up an opportunity that might be of tremendous interest to you! I am working on a new book to discuss the death of the corporate world and the transformations occurring (or that should occur) in this workplace revolution. I am creating a mastermind group or think tank to bring together alternative perspectives on the challenges being faced. Together we will discuss the challenges, the potential solutions, innovate new ideas, share the ideas, try them out, and then discover what works!

I will be using the insights, observations, and experiences of those who participate in my new book, and you will be listed as a contributor! I would love for you to participate in this awesome opportunity. For more information click on the link below!

Click Here for Information on Our Human Resources Talent Management Mastermind Think Tank

What do you think?

I'd love to hear your thoughts, observations, and experiences! What do you see happening? What do you think the solutions are? I will be writing on these topics in this newsletter as well as we explore what is happening in the world of work!

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