Seasons of Life

best life evolve exceptional life peak performance Nov 11, 2021

As the seasons change, nature provides us valuable lessons should we choose to notice and learn from them. Each fall, the wind blows and the leaves on the trees tremble in response as the cold air of fall descending on the forest. The trees respond slowly…disconnecting and dropping their leaves for the winter. Shutting down the tree branch by branch so it can survive the long cold winter until the Spring. The leaves first turn beautiful colors before ultimately dying and falling to the ground – fragile and easily crushed.

We can either view this process as being like death as something to mourn or as the process to new life to be celebrated. For before we can sprout again in the spring, we must shed all of the old from this season of our lives. Then we must survive the cold, dark winter. 

But if we do survive... 

we will be blessed with new life, new leaves, and new growth.

Some might resist this change or process – starting too early or too late. For when we hold onto our leaves, our current Self, we become like the tree. A tree that doesn’t shed its leaves on time risks freezing before the process is complete and when this happens the frozen sap will kill the tree itself. The tree might never sprout again. The tree might cease to live altogether.

So too, we risk preventing new life and growth by holding on too long to who we once were. For no matter how beautiful our leaves – to survive and grow again we must go through the process of shedding them all and starting anew.

We must evolve in order to grow again.

At first this feels scary, we feel naked without our leaves. But soon we will learn this is how we grow, how we reach the sky, and how we become, little by little, who we are meant to be!

For with each season of life, we have only two choices – to grow and evolve for the next season or to wither and perish clinging to our current reality and existence. These choices are made at the transition between each season of our life journey.

What choices will you make?

Choose to evolve.

Choose to grow.

Choose to learn the steps necessary to improve your life!

Choose a life filled with exceptional experiences.

Choose to create an exceptional life!


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