Peaceful Perspectives

Mar 01, 2022

The Story & Lesson: As the Bombs Drop

Yesterday, it started once again.

The bombs were dropped, the soldiers were sent in.

The war began all over again.

Once again, one country (or maybe really just its leader) decided it was time to expand again. Whatever their explanations to the countries of the world,
everyone could see the truth they just wanted more.
More land, more resources, more people, more money.

Isn’t that truly how every war begins?


Sure, each one has some explanation, but in truth it is almost always the same. It starts with a leader who wants something more, who desires to take that which is possessed by another.


One leader, who sees the world only from their view and perspective

One leader, deciding they are right.

One leader, who from safely in their home, sends others into a war to fight.

One leader, who cares not for the lives that will be lost.

One leader who cares only for what they’ll gain by taking once again.

One leader, who wants more than what they need.

One leader who will take it just to expand in greed.

We’ve seen this story so many times before.
 We’ve learned these lessons a thousand times, but I guess we must learn it once more.
It feels more like a story we’ve read in history books.
Or maybe a new movie meant to entertain us with exciting hooks.
We all had hoped maybe we’d move beyond such types of painful choices. Unfortunately, we were so very wrong, these patterns just keep repeating, again and again.

So long as they are stuck without love in their hearts, these disconnected leaders will continue to tear the world apart.


We know they aren’t connected;
we know they don’t love themselves, and they likely don’t know how.
For if they did, they’d feel the love that would stop them from destroying everything.

Without the love we feel inside, the connection to everything, they lack the perspective needed to change anything. We know the love inside forms the connection we find and feel through our hearts.


This connection with ourselves, everyone, and the universe itself.

This connection that gives us understanding and grace.

This connection that allows us to love unconditionally.

This connection would stop us from choosing a path of destruction.

This connection would force us to feel the pain we’re inflicting.

This connection would give the perspective we need.

This connection would allow us to see another way to succeed.

The world will watch and so many of us will weep tears of sadness as we see so many killed. We’ll watch with anger, frustration, and a profound sense of loss.
The loss of the dream we’d moved beyond this type of war.
The loss of our hope we could use our words.
The loss of our desire to stop this type of killing
and focus instead on something more fulfilling.

The lesson here is important to all our futures.

The lesson here is in how we choose our leaders.

Instead of choosing those with bravado, power, and persuasiveness.
We must begin to choose our leaders looking for those who understand.
The leader, who understands the importance of perspective and the peace we all desire.
The leader, who understands the way to peace is through the love we all can discover.

The love we find in our hearts that starts with ourselves. The love that connects us all and allows us to feel everyone too. Through this connection, the leader has tremendous perspective. And only with this perspective will we find our way to perpetual peace.


Do you feel the pull deep within your soul to see something different?

Do you feel the need to find a way to live life in a new way?

Do you feel the urgent need to change the world?


I do. I feel it in my heart. I hear it in my ears. I see it with my eyes. I sense it with my mind. I smell it in the air. I can almost taste the deliciousness of a world filled with peace.

The Work: Promoting peace

This work might be the most important you ever do. This work only comes once we’ve connected to our hearts. But once we have, we’re called to do more with the love we’ve found inside. I can’t tell you exactly what to do. We are each being called in different ways to promote peace. You may be called to care for the hearts of children. You may be called to lead the world with peace and love. You may be called to speak and share. You may be called in so many ways but this I know; you must find your way to promoting peace. To stop the anger, judgement, and wanting. To stop the fighting and destroying. To instead choose to promote peace in everything you do.  


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