Mastering Body Coherence: The Neurological Key to Unlocking Peak Performance and Well-being

Oct 12, 2023

What is coherence?

Coherence is when all of the parts fit together or work together at their best. The quality of forming a unified whole.

What is body coherence?

Body coherence is the coherent flow of information within and between the physiological systems and processes within the body.

Without going too deep into neuroscience, coherence occurs when our sympathetic nervous and parasympathetic nervous system, both part of our autonomic nervous system, work harmoniously together.

When we’re in coherence, we see our heart rate and blood pressure become more regulated and our heart rate variability (HRV) increase.

Alternatively, when we experience incoherence, our HRV decreases and we experience more stress, our cognition suffers, we become exhausted and less adaptable.

Why is body coherence so important?

Only when all our parts are working together at their best can we truly be at our best.

Frequently, we are living our lives in a state of incoherence. We are pulled from stressor to stressor, and this keeps us in a constant state of incoherence.

In fact, when people do discover the feeling of coherence after consistent practice, they suddenly recognize a dramatic change in their life experience.

Operating from coherence allows us to:

  • make decisions easier (and better),
  • have better relationships,
  • navigate our emotions more effectively,
  • perform at our best, and
  • even have more exceptional experiences on our life journey.

When we are in coherence, our brains and bodies are working together to optimize everything we do.

Which begs the question…

Why wouldn’t you want to be in coherence?

I don’t think anyone “wants” to be out of coherence. Rather, I think our lives and life experiences have led us to this dysregulated state of existence.

We are faced with so many experiences that trigger our body’s nervous system, putting us into a fight/flight response that our bodies have forgotten how to be in coherence.

Our bodies and brains like to return to familiar states and will do so unless we create new neural pathways (patterns of existing).

Therefore, if you’re like me and you’ve spent the last few years in high stress situations, then you are likely living your life out of coherence most of the time.

As a result, we are not just operating sub optimally, we are actually probably performing poorly due to all the stress we’ve experienced in recent years. 

What does this mean to us?

Let’s use an analogy. Imagine you were trying to drive a car with only three wheels and one of them was flat…

How easy would it be to steer and drive the car?

It’d be extremely challenging.

Likewise, if we aren’t operating in coherence, our bodies aren’t going to steer and drive us in the ways we’d like them to.

If life feels like a struggle...

If it’s hard to make decisions...

If you can’t seem to change bad habits...

If you’re not taking action on things, you want to;

If your relationships are suffering…

I’m willing to bet you aren’t in coherence and are operating with a dysregulated nervous system.

It’s not your fault everything is hard…your body is doing exactly what it is supposed to do.

And, if you want to change it, you are going to have to discover how your neurophysiology works, regulate your nervous system, and operate more frequently in coherence.

With time you can re-wire your neural pathways so that you operate from this coherent state more frequently.

What does this mean for our workplaces?

If people are dysregulated and operating out of coherence, it is guaranteed to be negatively impacting our workplace results.

Would you want your people to be driving vehicles with only two fully functional tires?

Heck no! Your insurance company would never cover you again.

It’s time to consider how we take our people to the “body shop” and begin paying attention to their neurophysiology in order to improve the results we are getting.

What can you do?

I could create a whole eight-hour course on just this topic.

In fact, I did and if you want to really understand what you can do, I highly suggest you take it!

In the meantime, I want to highlight a particularly powerful technology that has changed my life…

One way to bring ourselves into coherence is to regulate our nervous system via the vagal nerve. I began using the Apollo Neuro almost 18 months ago and it has dramatically changed my life.

When I use my Apollo my HRV is higher and I am coherent more frequently. I track my data daily and I can see a dramatic difference between when I am not using my Apollo and when I am using it.

Beyond that, I can FEEL a difference.

When I am using my Apollo, I get double the deep sleep I normally get (a huge factor in brain health and coherence). The Apollo helps me focus, recover, and stay calm when I need to be.

Just check out my results below from before I started using Apollo to after I started using the Apollo:

I can’t recommend this technology enough! It's such a simple solution to see such tremendous results.

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