It's time to Evolve!

business community evolve exceptional life family Aug 31, 2021

Evolving: Develop gradually, especially from simple to a more complex form

As human beings our most basic purpose is to evolve as a species. We all know through centuries we have evolved to our current state of existence. If you look at any IQ chart tracking the intelligence of people overtime you can easily see the increasing rate at which people are getting smarter. As humans we are growing and evolving with each passing generation. And with each generation we are able to access and use more of our expanded capacity. How we choose to use it - well that is up to us! 


We can easily see how with each generation we grow our technology, our capabilities, and our results as a society. This natural growth and evolution is truly necessary to our survival. We continue to face new and different challenges throughout time and lately we've been experiencing increasingly more severe events - from weather to war to social movements - these events are impacting many elements of our lives and our existence.  Many of us feel the shift, the change, the greater level of struggle and the need to expand our existence to be greater than we are today. 

This evolution, this next stage of evolving will occur in our businesses, homes, and communities. Although we tend to fear and resist change, our nature is to evolve and grow. Therefore, we need to embrace these changes as opportunities to overcome the challenges we face.  In each environment or arena of our lives we must consider how we can evolve our existence to improve our outcomes!


Business Evolution

People no longer want the corporate experience!

Businesses can be for profit, people, purpose, and the planet all at once and doing so actually enhances them all when executed successfully. We can actually treat people well, have a guiding purpose, protect our planet AND make a profit! 

People want to be treated like people - human beings who are more than the work they are performing and the tasks they are completing. People want to be valued and not treated as a cost to the business. 

Technological advancement has the potential to transform how we work. This can occur either in a way that brings more misery and suffering or instead brings greater joy, satisfaction, and opportunity for everyone. 

Doesn't the choice seem obvious? Our Businesses are ready to evolve! 


Family Evolution

We can be better Parents if we leverage the knowledge available to us!

When confronted with new parenting practices, suggestions, or research we often hear people say "Well I turned out alright." And, sure of course you did but do you want to be better, do you want your children to be better? What if they could be? If other children are evolving and you don't evolve your parenting - will your children be left behind? 

We must begin treating the role we play at home as at least equally important, if not more important, than the role we play in the workplace. To do this, we must ensure we understand our role as parents, get feedback, grow as parents, and create homes with strong mindset and accountability skills. 

Rather than a place of trauma, conflict, and stress - what if we create a place of joy regardless of the challenges we will inevitably face at home! Our families will experience greater peace and prosperity if we can reduce the unnecessary suffering we experience in them! 

Our families, our children, our relationships are ready for this evolution!


Community Evolution

We've gone from caveman, to tribes, to societies, to countries, what comes next?

We must build greater connection in our communities rather than continuing to create separation between groups. We see today tremendous "them" versus "us" but aren't we all just "we" as human beings on earth! 

Rather than sorting ourselves into buckets and identifying with all their attributes we must look to build an entirely new future and landscape. We want to be connected and we can be connected more deeply and powerfully than we've ever known before.

As human being's our power comes through our ability to work together to build and create new ways of living in the world. Our source of power is truly in how we come together - for one person can only impact few but a large group can impact many. 

Our communities, our people, our humanity is calling us to evolve to something better!


In Conclusion...

We only remain at the top of the food chain with our intellect, society based communities, and ability to continue evolving. The time has come to evolve to something greater, something more, something extraordinary, something exceptional! 

I am so confident we are meant to evolve our existence into something greater. Can you feel it? Do you want to join it? Are you ready to live an exceptional life? 

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