Amplify Women's Voices

Feb 03, 2022

This week Keira Poulsen and I launched our newest program "Amplify Women's Voices" to support women in sharing their messages. I am extremely excited about this new program and wanted to provide some additional background, details, and information on the program. 

What exactly is "Amplify Women's Voices"? 

Amplify Women's Voices is a program for women to support women and connect those who have a need with those who can fill it. Amplify is a marketing program to share offerings of women with the networks of all the women in the program. You never know who in your circle might have a need that could be filled by another woman in the program - this is the network! 

By participating, you can check out a directory of women with all their offerings and affiliate links. By joining for launching, you can share your offerings and affiliate links for others to promote your offerings!

Why was "Amplify Women's Voices" created? 

As I began to grow my small business and started on this journey, I discovered how much power there was when women supported each other. We all have connections, friendships, and relationships with people in this world that have needs and those needs have the potential to be filled by other women who can fill them!

After a retreat with other women entrepreneurs, we began supporting each other on social media. We immediately saw the impact and benefit of referrals, sharing, and leveraging the connections of the whole group. We knew a program that would allow women to connect for this purpose would be extremely valuable to us and knew others would see the value as well. 

I had heard a story about the Obama White House and how women realized they were not being heard. As a result, they started supporting each other any time a woman spoke to "amplify" her message and communication. I loved the term and approach and thought it would be great for this program! 

We can pay marketing companies, Facebook ads, Amazon ads and more to try to get people to see our life transforming books, courses, and offerings. But we are lost amongst the millions of others doing the same thing. You know what men have done for a long time - they support each other in their ventures. They have networks, programs, and clubs that allow them to 'amplify' their messages. Women need this same type of network - Amplify Women's Voices is the new network! 

Who is Amplify Women's Voices for? 

Women join our program primary for one of three reasons:

  1. To join a community of women supporting other women - any woman can join our community for a small monthly subscription and gain access to seeing what other women are creating and the affiliate links to share them! 
  2. To launch many books, products, and offerings throughout the year - any woman who is launching many new offerings a year can join our Launch plus program to get unlimited launches and all the support they need to be successful! 
  3. To launch a single book, product, or offering - any woman who wants to do a single launch can join just for that launch and get the benefit of the community supporting you!

If you are a woman just interested in supporting other women - learning about what they do, promoting what they have to offer to the world, and maybe even becoming an affiliate, then you are perfect for joining our Amplify Women's Voices Facebook Community! 

If you are a woman who is publishing a book, creating courses, or launching other offerings, then you are perfect for joining one of our launch programs (unlimited or single launch). 

How is Amplify different from other programs?

Amplify ensures those who participate in the program are committed to doing their part in the program to support other women. In order to join, you must commit to a set of principles to ensure a high level of commitment and value to and for everyone! Keep in mind this doesn't me promoting other women becomes a full-time job - instead it is something you commit to do as you are able and as you find opportunity. 

How does the program work? 

Women who join the Amplify Women's Voices Community subscription will be added to the Facebook Group and they will get access to the Amplify Directory with all the women and their offerings. Then they can begin supporting other women by promoting their products/offerings, sharing and liking social media posts, buying their books, and providing reviews. **Note this level of participation does not get listed and cannot not launch or share their own offerings. 

Women who join the launch or launch plus programs get access to a course that takes you through every step you need to get started including: 

  • Creating an affiliate landing page - this will be a landing page you create on your own website for your listing in Amplify. You will list the items you want support promoting and you can also put instructions for women to become an affiliate for your programs! 
  • Getting added to the Directory - once you have a landing page you can get added to our Amplify Women's Directory list with a link to your page. 
  • You will get courses on how to record a video, how to add a video to the community, and how to access the Facebook community. 
  • You will get a course on using the templates we've provided for social media posts for your launches. 
  • You will get a course on the benefits of affiliates and how to do it! 
  • You will get a course on Endorsements - how to get them, who to get them from, and what to include. 
  • A bonus course for Authors to Maximize your reach!

Once you are set up in the program, you can begin supporting other women by promoting their products/offerings, sharing and liking social media posts, buying their books, providing reviews, and being a podcast guest or inviting others to be on yours, 

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