$997.00 USD

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Evolving You Coaching Program: Individual Self-Awareness Coaching

Join our individual Self-Awareness coaching program to support evolving you to have more exceptional experiences on your life journey! 

We are offering this coaching program at a massively discounted minimum price to make it available to more people! We won't keep this pricing in 2024 so take advantage ASAP! 

What you'll get:

  • 3-month Individual Coaching Program where you will work directly with one of our certified mBIT coaches through the Self-Awareness courses. 
  • 6 Individual 1:1 mBIT Coaching Sessions with a certified mBIT Coach (two each month). (A $1500 value) 
  • Access to the Emotional Intelligence Assessment Technology powered by Vibeonix (for two months) (A $40 value) 
  • Access to our on-demand self-awareness training courses (with activities, self-reflections, & meditations) for 3 months. (A $450 value)
    • Self-Awareness Overview Course - a $47 course to understand the foundational concepts of self-awareness including the difference between conceptual and embodied self-awareness.
    • Embodied Self-Awareness Course - a $197 course covering Our Bodies, Our Energy, Our Brains, Our Emotions, and Our Experiences. This course includes understanding your body's nervous system, emotional intelligence, accessing your multiple brains, and more! 
    • Conceptual Self Awareness Course - $197 course covering talents, passions, capabilities, mindset. This course includes Gallup CliftonStrengths Assessment, discovering your interests, values, & motivations, a competency assessment, and so much more! 

We use a "pay what you can" model. If you are able and elect to pay more this makes it possible for others who can't afford to pay to also participate.