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Leadership Decision Making Women's Retreat

Elevate Your Leadership and Well-Being: A 3-Day Transformational Retreat

In a rapidly evolving world, effective leadership transcends traditional boundaries. Join us for a holistic journey that fuses the power of mBIT Leadership Decision Making with rejuvenating elements like yoga, self-reflection, strengths exploration, and more. This immersive 3-day retreat will empower you with tools to tap into intuitive wisdom at the head, heart, and gut levels, guiding you towards wiser decisions.

 Current Retreat Dates: November 8, 2023 to November 11, 2023

Retreat Highlights:

  • mBIT Leadership Decision Making: Immerse yourself in the acclaimed mBIT program, where neuroscience meets leadership. Harness the intelligence of your three brains for insightful decisions.
  • Yoga & Neuroscience-based Healing Sessions: Rebalance your body and mind through daily yoga and healing practices that enhance your well-being and resilience using the latest in neuroscience-based techniques, tools, & technology!
  • Strengths Exploration: Discover your unique strengths and learn how to leverage them for impactful leadership and personal growth.
  • Mindfulness and Meditation: Cultivate mindfulness and inner clarity, equipping you to navigate challenges with a centered perspective.
  • Interactive Workshops: Engage in interactive workshops that facilitate deep introspection, connection with others, and integration of new skills.
  • Nature Immersion: Connect with nature in a serene environment, amplifying your receptivity to transformational insights.

Why Choose Our Retreat:

In a dynamic world, leaders need to embrace a holistic approach to thrive. By combining mBIT Leadership Decision Making with diverse NeuroPerformance practices such as yoga, self-reflection, strengths exploration, and mindfulness, our retreat equips you with a comprehensive toolkit for conscious leadership.

What You'll Experience:

  • Equip yourself with mBIT's research-backed tools for wiser decisions.
  • Embrace yoga and healing practices that rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit.
  • Uncover your strengths and learn how to apply them to leadership challenges.
  • Cultivate mindfulness and meditation techniques for enhanced clarity and resilience.
  • Immerse yourself in transformative workshops and community developing relationships that foster personal growth and connection.

3-Day Retreat Includes:

  • mBIT Leadership Decision Making Certification 
  • Introduction to Strengths & Gallup Strengths Assessment 
  • Access to multiple nervous system and neuroscience-based tools & technology. 
  • Overnight accommodations in a beautiful home located on Alpine Lake in Innsbrook, MO
  • All your meals and snacks (we can accommodate dietary restrictions!).

Elevate your leadership and well-being in this transformative 3-day retreat, guided by Jessica Tietjen & Shelly Coffman's expertise spanning Gallup Strengths, Yoga, Applied Neuroscience, and more.

Awaken your intuitive wisdom, ignite your strengths, and embrace a new paradigm of leadership.