To continue on this path of bringing light to the world this year, we will be having a "Day of Light" the first Thursday of every month.

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Next Challenge: January 5th, 2023

One year celebration of Day of Light!









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What is the Day of Light?

One day of kindness, joy, and positivity?

 In a world filled with so much darkness, let's spend one day spreading only light. For just one day, let's only be kind, positive, joyful, peaceful, and happy!
You need only commit to be kind for the Day of Light in order to participate!


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How can I learn more about the Day of Light?

FAQ to answer all your questions

Check out the many ideas and suggestions we have for how you can participate during the day of light - individually, as workplaces, as families, and in the community!

Social Media Templates

Interested in sharing your participation on social media? Want to share your organization is participating? Get our press kit and day of light social media shareables here!

Share and Discuss

Share your plans or the awesome things that happen on the Day of Light! Just use #dayoflight and follow this hashtag to see what people are sharing!

Our Story


The past two years have been incredibly challenging for so many people in the world. We've become so divided, negative, judgmental, and hurtful. But, you know what? I don't think this is how any of us want to be! I think we all truly want to live better lives, to enjoy one and other, and to spread joy rather than hatred. 

The Day of Light is not a religious movement - any religion, faith or spiritual beliefs are welcome. 

The Day of Light is not a political statement or movement - any political party, group, or affiliation is welcome so long as they participate positively!

The Day of Light is not about making money or sending a message for personal gain other than messages that seek to improve the world!

I hope you will sign up and join in the The Day of Light!

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